Monday, May 30, 2011

The long lost rhyme..

The sun blinked
a dreamy smile...

Collected ravages of dry geraniums
mouldy fragrance of desiccated bark
slish slash on heavy waters.

Of dreams - thousands dreams..

There was a hill once
kissed by the morning rays
caressed by the breezy days
slapped by the sooty nights.

Until all that remains now is
dust - powdered ruins..

He said he misses her
I wonder if it is she he meant
or her smiles, her talks
or what all she stood for?

The sky embraced
another sleepy day -
long drawn, insipid.

A wait like Sisyphus..

Sunday, May 29, 2011


A soiled napkin on the floor
used spoon
empty champagne glass
fag ends of burnt cigarettes
lip balm from L'Oreal.

I am fired from life
cursed to live in opulence.
Breaking necks of violent silences
breaking all - in one go.

A snap heals all
a year long emotional drama
bottled up hurt, anger also(perhaps)
Sometimes all - in one go.

I am tired
a little bored
more determined
To just begin
afresh rather - sans complications.