Friday, February 25, 2011

Trampelled thought

February sun
smiles surreptitiously
each morn.
As if incumbent to defeat the
misty hangover of the receding winters...

Similar to the nascent fervor
of a lurking scheme to sabotage
the existing quiet of a system..

Mired in self confessed confidence
the sun stretches its limbs
gradually, slowly.

Just as the frosty kohl of the morn
melts with the progressing day-
Erasing the sharply defined,
carefully marked boundaries
of the dreams that rest
limply on the eyes each morn...

The sun conspires
to erase, to outshine, to perhaps flood
the night lost with itself.

Does it matter at all
to see its rapacious
beams scorch the
dewy fresh minty grass?
Perhaps no-
Because to defeat one is perhaps the greatest victory..

Smiling tryst

Is it okay to just let things be...
without holding or even trying to hold control
over the innumerable dreams and desires?
Those that you nourish over ages...
Carefully, with your
wandering, searching eyes
whispering endless motivations
in the tarred nights, in the scorching days.
Is it okay to be called a
loser by your own self?

Is it okay to erase and begin anew
as a novice perhaps?
To feign innocence and cry tear-less drops?
Is it okay to just dump the accumulated
grime and muck of ambitious lurches?
Is it?

Or may be just allow one's own apparition
to gradually melt
in the thickening soot of life?
Allowing oneself to be replaced by the other
willfully donning a new persona
without resistance, without an iota of regret?
Is it okay?

Is it okay to cheat on your own beloved
one that you have pampered and assured
of your lifetime commitment?
For betraying one you choose many smiles?
Is it okay to be an infidel?

Is it okay to just allow one self
a certain degree of numbness
so that one does not feel
love, hate, happiness, glum?
So that one grows
Calm and quiet
feigning grace, transcending engagements?