Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sold and bought in continuum

What does one say
after a night of raw passion?
Sleepless and smitten
when moments are spent
in some form of slutty fidelity
to just one idea for so long.

Having slept over/with it -
all over again
demanding a much higher price this time
when one seems unsatiated
still hungry
still craving
for another sliver of that dirty flesh..
What does one say?

It has been nights now
days also at times
playing the same role
the same game
of mutilated ambitions
of desires lived in the mould
of dreams letched and discarded.

Nails that bit deep into the shoulders
tongue that licked the tiniest crevice of the pores
fingers that caressed each possible skin on the bone
still unsated
What does one say?

How long to remain a fidel prostitute?
For how long this faithful allegience?
Will you let me transcend?

Offer or i leave...

Lying eyes....;)

Between the idea and the dream

between sheets of guilt and shame

between you and me

lie these eyes...

Between unsaid words

and unexpressed syntaxes

between the days and these daylights

succumbs the victory...

I thought you made me win

or that i let you lose

but between this and that

lie our bodies...

Entwined and curled

all along the smoky curls

of time and moments

frozen and at once fluid

lie endless deceits -

these lying promises....

Between you and me

lie these ever-lying eyes...