Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Untitled plea..

Crevices -
cracking the mountainous aim.

Glistening sweat
on your deeply folded brows.

A smart mouth
smarter words
beset with doubts...

Long have i loved
longingly lost my love.
Lengthier been the promises
still stretched in doubts.

Back in place
on the hardened floor
still on hardened concrete
the rocky dreams.

A stony edge
your voice is
stonier still your gaze.

Steal me from your dreams
steel me in half breaths of reality.
Stone me to love
stoned out of existence.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Erased promise? Promised erasure??

The tears on the white sheets
our pink, calm night
spreads on the wrinkled folds between us.

It is a new day
dewy morning
soaking us in the time past.

The window open
the doors shut
eyes open
time shut...

Each ray of dawn
erases the past
each morning
buries us there - where we were.

What will you do?
Bury the past?
Or kiss it away
for a new present?

It is yet another morning
without you
in some strange way
with you....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rebellion resurrected..

Firing for peace
is like fucking for virginity.

    Blood drips from the pages 

    that taught to stand up.
    Facepalmed and supine -
    their backbones ached.

All are me and me is all
graffitied over the echoing valley.
Fired still -
and with each shot - rebellion.

     Awaited new mornings -
     in birdless silences.
     Perhaps within,
     promising peace.

Veils shred
voices vent
shrill ambition
in unison.

     Somewhere below a Pearl smiles
     from the ashes a Saleem salutes.

 I was Malala
Malala is me....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Magazined emotions...

And the blood gushed hot and free
just as the cheap whisky flowed out of his  
inebriated tongue..
slithering and wriggling in her mouth.....

        Dry thoughts in her desiccated brains
        dried by the chopped seas
        of the nocturnal slaugther
        finished she was in one draught.....

And an old bitch dies a bitchy death.
Festering wounds in a stinking alley
the drains of life empty.

         Flies debate Darwin on her corpse
         the infant bloody and dry
         a faint muffled cry....

Another life gutting in death..

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bloody love in gory times....

And kissing you into place 
shoving you against the car...
I left.

 With myself i carried you
 in every breath of that peppermint floss
 in every burp of that half eaten pizza
 the half drunk beer...

Murdered roads lay ahead us
ravenous rebellion
crazy night falls again
ideas shiver in disgust...

You are cold under the naked sky
the grass on the earth against your skin.
I know they killed you
and with that our story...

I shoot
keep shooting
shall keep coming back
to kiss you in place again....

Let the night sustain...
let the blood on you remain.