Saturday, February 26, 2011

Random abandon

In the vast expanse of this desert
i kept walking.
The sun scorching-
scalding my throat.
The sands dry-
bruising my eyes.

I wanted to bleed
bleed to profusion
and soak the parched papery mess
of rudiments-
the reduced me.

What was to inhale was
a dry mouthful of arid dust,
sand, hot air-
enough to scar my heart
my soul
perhaps my inner core
and perhaps for-

What was to exhale was
a burdened air,
an ominous anticipation
of an exotic mirage-
choked with stench
profuse with pollutants.
Strong enough
to stifle and strangulate.

I chose to walk
just walk an innocent stroll
like you do when unperturbed
with perhaps no-nothing.
Waiting to collapse
with a defining thud.

Dry mist

It rained last night
soaking the dew
in absolute flood.
The rain washed off-
the leaves clean,
the bark fragrant.
It kissed the clay
to a careful abandon-
The rain moistened the night.

Waiting for the ashen sky to blush,
for the tulip buds to coyly smile.
The night lay
as if etherised across
the relentless march of time.

The timid sun refuses to yawn,
a misty halo surrounds the morning-
veiling the air
embracing the fragile fragrance.
It will perhaps-
soon enough
Prise open a thousand pearls,
a thousand words,
a thousand unsaid,
the miniml said...

Till then,
the night shall wait
caressing its abandon
straightening its curls and creases
refusing to hope
accepting to change.