Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Consulted idiocy
stacked neatly on plans of failure -
pretense of stark times
in stark spaces
of common cause
in equally common meetings.

     Shunt that tiny fig of your brain.
     Shut out that ray of yellow light.
     Paint that goddamn imagination blue.
     Get on with tasks, deliverables.

Manage, manage – that’s how you step up.
Talk, talk, meet and still meet.
That’s how you lead
(or that’s what you think!)

         Vomit numbers, regurgitate data
         expel plans, spread our gargantuan designs
         operationalise life, negotiate emotions -
        Oh! It is all for a cause.

It’s a service to that man to pretend
It’s a service to the nation to self-proclaim order
It’s a service to a ‘cause’ to gulp all slaps and slanders
It’s a service to what we are to emerge a leader
-among the Liliputs.