Monday, October 31, 2011

I am where...

I walked those paths again.
Yellow remembrances -
dry leaves on the beaten path
cobwebs on the uncared corners
some stale fragrances in sleepy whispers.
I walked again.

Heart skipping beats with each step.
Purple bruises -
steps on crunchy fallen leaves
screech and squelch.
I shiver,
get back,
retrace -
afraid, frightened
tears, nightmares.
More tears.

A seductress lane.
Serene, golden grey -
alleys that end in wide armed pilasters -
comforting, inviting.
The turtle peers out
the shell gives way
crawl i say -
soft, tentative.

Softer lights through the tunnel.
Choked vision.
Run, run i murmer.
The legs tired
breath short
preserving rot and muck
Get back, get back - i scream.

The stable pilaster smiles
as always.
I turn back,
look again stealthily.
A long deceived smile i return.

Outside air, in the open.
Teasing me with caresses.
I am on the run -

This time to nowhere -
as always.
Indulgent smiles
enchanting affection,
demanding everything -
but my own self.

Neglected i lie
somewhere in the alleys
Lost or found?

Can't decide....:)