Friday, January 2, 2015

Conservation, preservation, invention..

rescue vocabularies 
develop a new grammar 
for the aphorism of time 
will not let you articulate 

punctuations are important 
just as conjuctions are 
breaking and forging new identities 
lost in the conundrum of civilizational wars 

they say globalization 
and mean unabashed consumption 
subsuming of the whole in a powerful part 

they say culture 
and mean a monolith 

they say america 
and mean the whole of United States 

they say India 
and mean all - 
kashmir, north east 
(forget that there are 7 different states -they themselves identified
dots of new, fresh, organic tastes - 
they celebrated one in Nagi pokhri) 
nostalic over Bombay 
and Calcutta 
and Cawnpore 

we need language 
rather languages 
to chronicle each hurt 
each flesh pinched 
each nipple bit 
each breast manhandled 
each bread snatched 
each dog killed 
each dream shattered 
and each moment lived. 

Rescue words 
save vocabulary 
build new architecture
invent new syntax

we need it 
i need it 
you need it 

caese the fleeting time
the chasing, fast erasing memories
moments frozen in skinny details. 

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